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The easiest way to reach thousands of fitness enthusiasts and grow your business.

Fitness trainers and authors. converts the workouts in your training blogs, books, websites, and publications into mobile exercise programs. Then, sell and distribute them through TriadXP's online store, so your followers can perform and track them with TriadXP's free mobile fitness app. And, we pay you generous royalties so you can scale your skills and make money while you sleep!

You Focus On Fitness,

We'll Take Care of the Rest

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Your Fitness Content 




Larger Following & Healthier Profits 

Turn Workout Videos, Blogs, Books, Websites And Publications Into Audio-Visual Exercise Programs with TriadXP Trainer

Reach thousands more fitness enthusiasts and grow your business

Get to Market Fast.

Depending on your program, can typically get your workouts online within a week or less.


Make More Money

Earn 70% royalties on all sales.


Keep Control

Protect your intellectual property and set your own list prices.


Provide Your Followers Mobile Friendly Workouts

Deliver workouts and fitness programs direct to your customer's mobile devices where they can perform and track results free with the TriadXP app.

Place Your Content On TriadXP's Growing Online Fitness Store With Its Own Mobile App.

Give Your Followers a New Way to Get Moving Toward Their Fitness Goals!


RESOURCES is committed to helping you grow your fitness business by provide you the fitness technology, educational content and the tools to convert existing fitness content into mobile exercise programs to engage your followers with virtually hands-free mobile workouts that inspire them to use your fitness programs to get moving toward reaching their health and fitness goals.




TriadXP is on a mission to get people moving and improve their health and fitness anywhere, anytime, and any way they choose. We provide you easy to use, time-saving services and technology, so, together, we can publish and deliver the greatest variety of mobile-training programs. Programs to fit everyone’s active lifestyle and are adjustable to meet specific exercise needs.

At our core we are a tech company and publisher of online and mobile fitness content. Our platform converts nearly any exercise program into a digital, audio-visual guided routine that can be performed and tracked distraction-free on iOS and Android devices. 

Lets Get Moving!


Your Fitness Content 


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Larger Following & Healthier Profits 

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Register for a FREE Membership

Becoming a TriadXP Trainer is FREE, but the benefits 

are priceless! 

Create a Project & Upload Your Content 

Typically we can have your content converted to a mobile-friendly program and ready to publish in about a week. Once you register you can sign-in and submit your content at any time, whenever you're ready. 

Then TriadXP's Team Gets Moving!

We Build a Digital Version of Your Fitness Program.

A TriadXP team member converts your content, into an audio-visual exercise library creating a digital fitness program that is mobile friendly and ready to review.

We Send You the Program to Test and Approve.

Typically within a week, we’ll send an email with a link and instructions for you to review your mobile training program so we can adjust or publish on approval

We Publish Your Profile and Program. 

Your profile, product page and digital program all get loaded to the searchable TriadXP online store.

We Send You Royalty Checks, You Create More Products and Your Sales Grow 

As you spread the word to your network your sales and royalty checks start rolling in. 

Still Have Questions Contact Us, We'll Folllow Up With Answers!

Get Started With These 2 Simple Steps

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