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YES! Publishers and Fitness Experts You Can Now Bring Guidance to Your Audience's Eyes and Ears

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

But It’s Not with Kindle, Audible, or YouTube. Here's Why…

Plain text is a thing of the past. These days, exercising from an in-app workout with images, videos, and other custom features is way more interesting than following and trying to track any text or perhaps even a video or streaming workout program.

Ever since Amazon launched Kindle, it leveled the playing field for publishers. Printed books not only take forever to get published but also incur huge costs. Today, you can bypass all that and make your content readily available to millions of readers online.

Whether you are a novice or an expert, online publishing lets you create E-magazines, E-books, etc., at a nominal cost. But, what these mediums might save you in cost, could cost you in user experience and profits.

Here's why.

If you publish fitness content, then it's highly likely your publication includes a workout routine. And, if you're using a medium like Kindle, Audible, or even YouTube, then chances are, your users struggle to personalize the workout and training experience.

That's because users can't customize the program and these delivery methods lack dynamic workout guidance and tracking. This lack of utility makes it hard to make money on your content and doesn't provide a convenient and enjoyable remote workout experience for your followers.

The classic mismatch of great content with the wrong medium.

Now you don't have to scrap your publication, but you might want to complement it with an in-app workout capable of delivering a more fun, engaging, and time-efficient workout experience. Not to mention one that your readers can follow and track right from their iOS or Android device with a tried and tested full-featured fitness app that won't cost you a cent or a minute of your time.

Hence, this article talks about your options for reaching app-minded fitness-goers with your fitness content.

Right and Wrong Online Personal Training Methods -- And Little Pointers That Will Increase Your Profits

You already know what you need to get the most out of your fitness content. You can't sit idle and let the internet do its thing. You must keep abreast of trends, watch others, and apply the best of all you see, hear, and read.

Make one little mistake, and you might drain your budget. Another error may waste weeks of your time and cost you hundreds in lost profits or, worst, ruin your reputation.

In the end, it's the little mistakes you unknowingly make that waste time and prevent you from making money on your content. Then, there's also the danger of not using the newest method that has been proven practical and has made a fortune for other content providers—one that would double or triple your profits or save you time and effort.

Worthwhile methods for delivering mobile exercise programs

With millions of consumers jumping on the on-demand and online training bandwagon, how does anyone with valuable training content reach this fast-growing market?

For example, did you know that:

  • Most online training methods like private personalized online training are geared towards personal trainers.

  • Hybrid online and in-person training approaches not only target personal trainers but are high-touch and employ complicated technology.

  • Many online solutions consume tons of time for phone calls, emails, texts, and learning the software.

  • Some methods like live video streaming workouts still require your time and need large marketing budgets to reach customers or can strain your budget and take time away from your business to maintain.

With so many solutions geared towards personal trainers and the large fitness giants like Apple and Peloton dominating the digital fitness market, where can publishers and self-published fitness specialists with valuable premade workout programs actually go?

Thanks to a unique content conversion service and platform called TriadXP, you can now boost your online profits and followers with ease. And you can practically let your followers gain access to mobile workouts that have audiovisual workout guidance and tracking created right from the premade programs you have sitting on your website or in your PDF, Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and other native files.

A unique platform with these tools to help you scale your business

  • An end-to-end content conversion service—all you have to do is send the files you want to be converted.

  • An online store with digital distribution—no inventory to maintain or administrative tasks to deal with, plus customer ratings and reviews to help you grow your business.

  • A full-featured mobile fitness app—deliver a multimedia training experience to your users that they can perform and track nearly handsfree.

And get this. There are no upfront fees—no hidden charges—no technology hassles. Triad handles all the ongoing technical and product support. And they still pay you a generous 50% royalty on your sales, which means they make money only when you make money.

Finally, A No-Risk Way for Publishers and Self-Published Fitness Experts to Win in An App-Driven World

Most online fitness solutions target personal trainers and fitness giants like Nike, Apple, and Peloton are expanding their reach at a breakneck pace. Now, fitness providers like you can offer, with no risk, a digital solution of your own to app-minded fitness-goers along with the kind of workout experience users want from a mobile exercise program.

Learn more about this exciting way to Go Digital at

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