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Help People Everywhere Get Fit With Your Workouts 

We turn your exercise programs into multimedia workouts and make them available to app-minded fitness goers for you for FREE with no effort on your part. 

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In the Fast-Paced Digital Age, These Elite Fitness Leaders Look to TriadXP to Keep Their Content Alive and Mobile.


The mobile fitness industry is booming. We help you use your content to tap into this thriving market with exciting new products your audience will love.

Mike Elia, Founder & CEO of TriadXP


Get more Sales, Leads, and Customer Engagement with in-app workouts. They're quick, easy, and require no technical skills. 

How TriadXP Works 


This is how easy it is to create exciting, trackable in-app exercise routines that boost revenue, engagement, and elevate your brand.  


Send a PDF or native files of your content directly to us.



We will turn your content into an audiovisual guided program in 3 to 5 days. 



Together we sell your program through our online store, your website, and social media campaigns.


Users Perform

Customers buy your programs and use our free app to perform and track their routines.


Get Paid

We send you monthly commission checks that can be as much as 70% of your sales after transaction fees.

Bring Your Workout Content to Life

With TriadXP Media, my Facebook followers doubled in just three months. The TriadXP Media team took all the workouts in my number one bestselling book on Amazon, ‘The Simple Six’, and digitized them. They then started selling them on their online store with no effort on my part.

Clinton Dobbins – Author





TriadXP Media brings fitness content to life with rich multimedia and interactive elements

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Why TriadXP Media

It's straightforward. We partner with you. You pay a minimal set-up fee to get your program digitized for a full-feature, state-of-the-art fitness app. Then, you earn generous royalties on every program you sell based on the package you select. We host and support your programs. Plus, we maintain the entire platform and constantly add new features and functions to it.  


Get Started Quickly. Get Paid Monthly. Grow Your Brand.

Submit Your Content

Save tens of thousands of dollars and hours and hours of your time trying to build your own app. Submit your workout(s), photos, and videos through our secured portal. We turn it all into a multimedia in-app exercise experience users can track and perform with our mobile app. Plus, we'll feature it in our online fitness store and even market it for you. You always retain the rights to your content.

We Pay You

You’ll earn 50% royalties on every sale. Sell your programs through our online store, on your website, even through your social media channels. We handle all the administration. We send royalty payments monthly, and you can cancel and remove your products from the store at any time without penalty.

You Focus on Your Business. We’ll Do the Rest.

From conversion to payment. We take care of it all. So that you can focus on creating more great content and taking your business higher.

I’ve converted four of my best-selling tactical fitness books. TriadXP Media can support even my most complex workout protocols. It’s easy and my followers love the tracking of their results on the TriadXP mobile fitness app.

Stew Smith - CSCS USN SEAL/Author