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Stew Smith Shifts Focus to Digital Training Programs

Enlists TriadXP to help him prepare Americans to serve in the Military, Special Ops, Police, and Fire Fighting.

Stew Smith, a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, U.S. Navy Seal, and self-publisher, specializes in helping candidates for our armed forces, law enforcement and firefighting professions pass their physical fitness tests and stay fit. He caters to needs of these tactical specialists through his articles, podcasts, live training programs and specialized training books.

The Purpose

Stew’s mission is to prepare Americans to serve in the Military, Special Ops, Police, and Fire Fighting. In the process of catering to military personnel and first responders, he aims to make a valuable contribution to our nation and inspire people to achieve their dreams of serving their country.

The Online Repository of Digital Training Programs

Stew has a vast collection of training books for passing various physical fitness tests and developing and maintaining overall fitness. The physical fitness test collection provides training programs for passing the physical tests for all branches of the military, law enforcement, firefighting and first responders while the overall fitness collection includes programs for in-shape and out-of-shape adults.

1. The Physical Fitness Test Collection

This collection is comprised of specific training programs for passing nearly any physical fitness test. These are detailed programs with extensive workouts to prepare individuals for the cardio and strength challenges they’ll face in their physical fitness tests. The use of content-enriching multimedia elements is an effort to deliver an immersive training experience that includes workout guidance, tracking, and exercise instructions.

Features of the Physical Fitness Test Collection

• Includes training material beyond the workout routine

• Designed for people over 18 years of age

• Fosters progressive improvement

• Workout guidance for single activities, sets, super-sets, pyramids and more

• Time, rep, distance, and resistance tracker

2. The General Fitness Collection

The general fitness collection includes a wide range of exercise programs and workouts for adults. This collection includes programs for people new to fitness or waiting to get back into shape, plus numerous other programs like a calisthenic only program, warrior workouts, a program for athletes over 40, and more.

A Step Towards the Digital Future

Since he started preparing American to serve, Stew has always adapted to change and evolved with the market demands. He moved on to using PDFs and self-published e-books from traditional book publishing. This was an effort to deliver his programs more efficiently and improve the training experience to meet customer needs and wants.

Now, as the world is increasingly becoming digital, he realized the need to evolve further. He wanted to enter the digital realm and reach app-minded users on the devices they use. Stew partnered with TriadXP Media to convert, digitally publish and distribute the training programs in his PDF’s and eBooks while ensuring his users enjoyed workout guidance and tracking from their iOS and Android devices.

Stew Smith Delivers Training Programs on TriadXP

Stew Smith wanted to leverage technology to publish and distribute the training content in his books with workout guidance and tracking on iOS and Android devices. Since he has a vast repository of fitness content in different formats, it was necessary to have an efficient publishing platform and service that would require little of his time and seamlessly delivery his content while enhancing the content quality and the overall training experience.

TriadXP Media enabled Stew to reach his users faster and in a more effective manner. The intuitive and user-friendly interface makes it easy for his followers to easily access the training content. Plus, the use multimedia – audio, images, videos, and animations, helps users to connect with the content on a deeper level.

Users can access the training programs anytime they want on their iOS or Android devices since TriadXP is compatible with these devices and operating systems. With TriadXP, Stew Smith can now prepare even app-minded Americans to serve in the Military, Special Ops, Police, and Fire Fighting.

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