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Becoming a TriadXP Trainer is free but the benefits are priceless!

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Requirements, Royalties & Payment Processes 

What TriadXP Trainer Provides For You.

We provide the technology and the support to grow your online fitness business. Here is what you can expect from TriadXP:


  • A team who builds and publishs your digital content.

  • The use of our extensive audio-visual digital exercise library.

  • Free use of our proprietary TriadXP audio-visual fitness app. The app empowers your followers to perform your workouts, track their progress and achieve their fitness goals.

  • An online store within the TriadXP platform which includes your profile and  your fitness workouts or programs.

  • Real-time sales tracking. You'll be able to log-in on this website and track your sales anytime, anywhere.

  • Royalty payments on all of your sales!

Your Content, Your Royalties, Your Requirements

We respect your expertise as a fitness professional. Our role is to support your efforts, to help you make more money and help get people moving. Here are the details about payments and what TriadXP needs from you:

  • You'll earn 70% royalty on all sales through the TriadXP online store.

  • Royalty payments will be mailed monthly. 

  • We need you to register and complete an account profile so we can pay you and promote your content. This includes:

    • Contact information ​

    • Legal entity details (who and were we send payments)

    • Confirmation of your professional certifications

  • All the fitness content you submit is your intellectual property and you retain ownership.

  • We'll need you to submit a PDF, Word, Pages or plan text file of your workout or program along with exercises descriptions, videos, or imagines. If you plan to use your own branded exercise content instead of the TriadXP illustrated exercise library, then you must include original videos and imagines in MP4 or jpg, png or PDF.  This includes:

    • A description of your program

    • An outline showing the order or instructions of how your content needs to be performed

    • Exercise details including reps, time, etc.

    • Further details are provided in our Instructions for Product Submission

  • All exercise images, videos and descriptions if you want to use your own branded exercise content instead of the TriadXP exercise library.