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Content Provider Program

Here's A Whole New Way for Followers to

Experience Your Fitness Content

Join the TriadXP Content Program to reach fitness app users around the world on iOS and Android devices. You'll also get access to services and tools to turn your content into convenient, portable workouts with audiovisual guidance and systematic tracking.


With This Turnkey Service, 
There's No Need to
Build An App

We do all the work for you, from content conversion to support.  All at a fraction of the cost that it would take to build and support your own app! 

Look How Exhilarating Your Workouts Can be in TriadXP

Experience in-app fitness adventure.


Add a New Revenue Stream in Just a Few Days.



Send a PDF or native files of your content directly to us.



We will turn your content into an audiovisual guided program in 3 to 5 days. 



Together we sell your program through our online store, your website, and social media campaigns.



Customers use our free app to get voice and visual workout guidance and tracking.


Get Paid

We send you monthly commission checks that can be as much as 70% of your sales after transaction fees.

Formats We Work With

We can work with almost any source file. So whether you need to convert a pdf, word, or spreadsheet file or video or image file, we’ve got you covered. We can also convert TXT, HTML, Blog Post Content, Pages, and more to our propriety mobile file format. 


Have a different file type or format? Contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an in-app training program?

An in-app training program is a proprietary digital file with built-in audiovisual workout guidance. The app allows mobile devices to announce and display workout cues and track workout metrics for users to enjoy while making sure the file meets all provider's requirements. 

What quality can I expect?

TriadXP programs retain and display the same image quality as your source documents. We understand what it takes to format high-quality in-app training files that deliver the best results every time.

What will I receive?

With TriadXP, you get:

  1. A fully converted ready-for-distribution digital file of your in-app training program is stored on TriadXP's cloud.

  2. A digital sales and distribution system that sells and delivers your programs to your customers without you even breaking a sweat.

  3. A free mobile fitness app for your customers where they can perform and track their workouts.

How do you convert my content?

Our conversion process uses a propriety artificial intelligence system and hands-on interactions. We never cut corners. This means that your in-app training program will replicate your program, and provide a guided and reliable training experience to the end-user.

When do I get paid my commissions?

We tally up sales and commissions every month and mail out commission checks mid-month. 

Find out how you can gain fitness app users without an app



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